I did a very scientific poll and asked all of my mummy friends on FaceBook this question:

What gift would you most love to receive from your parents or in-laws for Mother’s Day this year? Something they could do or buy from a distance?

As a daughter, and a daughter-in-law, I can confirm these gifts will be valued whether for Mother’s Day or a ‘Just Because’ gift.

Here is what they answered:

I don’t usually get gifts from either of them, but what I wouldn’t do for a nice bouquet of tulips right about now!

Nothing beats a heartfelt letter. If it was to have focus, maybe something about their thoughts about me and motherhood. How they see me as a mother. Maybe share a family recipe or a tradition they’d like to have revived. We always love to hear about the good others see, especially when it comes to parenting, and especially from our parents or in-laws!

Find a local restaurant that delivers and have dinner taken care of!

A gift card to a local small business that might be struggling or has shifted their brick and mortar to online shopping/experience. Art supplies or sustainable living shops. We’ve seen a few shut down permanently here now.

A letter about the qualities you see in your daughter that have been passed on through the generations. Because you know your own grandparents more than the daughter does. A reflection on all of the mothers in the family, sharing things about how they faced life and motherhood, what they have all done, including me!

I have been seeing ads for the Masterclass Membership (famous people teaching skills like cooking, photography, writing, etc.). Not sure if it would be a burden or a treat – it depends on the ages of the kids! I would love to receive this. They have a 2-for-1 offer right now so it’s something you could buy and do together or one for each daughter.

Flowers, pastry, chocolate, really nice bath stuff. A bath is self-care for me right now.

A book, a gift certificate from my favourite spa for a future service or products, jewelry, a future cooking class near me, a subscription to Audible or my favourite magazine for a year.

A meal I don’t have to cook. A surprise dinner shows up at my door and I’m dancing!

Beautiful basket of flowers for garden or homemade meal I didn’t have to shop/chop/cook/clean. A basket of flowers is hopeful and beautiful and lasts longer than cut flowers.

I’d love something from any of the mama owned businesses I love.

A family group outing/workshop/experience. In essence, the gift of time.

Pricey, but I’d love a National Trust family membership – annual or lifetime. It’s a nice thing to do altogether that can cross generations.

Any membership for a place that could be visited with the grandparents regularly over time, to build some memories…once we can actually go anywhere, that is!

My parents got me a Nixplay (a digital frame they can email pictures to for my kids) and they regularly upload photos of themselves onto it. My kids love spotting the new pics of their grandparents.

A gift voucher for nice PJs or Leisure Wear. Something you might underinvest in for yourself, so a bit of luxury is a real treat.

I’ve been thinking about it and I agree with a meal! Maybe even FaceTime so you can enjoy it together!

In our family, for the most part, every mother is celebrated and recognized in some way by her children, grandchildren, parents or in-laws. Some years it is a present or a card, but sometimes it is just a heartfelt letter or video message about motherhood.

I do hope you find something to send from a distance!


Happy Connecting!