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Build strong bonds, no matter the distance

When your loved ones are feeling far away, we're here

Please know, you are not alone

It’s unlikely that you ever wanted to be a long distance grandparent because, well, who does?

And, as life journeys go, we know this one is particularly difficult and especially emotional.

So, if you find yourself feeling:

worried your grandchild won't know you, or you them
like you're failing somehow, as if you should be doing more but don't know what
running out of ideas and not finding any good ones, even when you look for hours
grief for the loss of relationships that you've long dreamt of building
overwhelmed at the prospect of the journey ahead
conflicted by supporting your children's life choices at the same time as struggling with the consequences

Then, trust us, you aren’t alone. We’ve heard from – and worked with – thousands of grandparents who feel the same way. In fact, it’s totally normal to feel like this (and more!) and that’s exactly why The LDG Society is here.

How it works

Our community membership delivers all the encouragement, insights, tips and ideas you need to embrace the possibilities and manage the realities of being a long distance grandparent.

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