For some grandparents, it might seem a tad bit early to be thinking about Valentine’s Day.  But when you are a long distance grandparent, you’ve got to get something mailed out on time.

Are you crafty? True confession: I’m not. I’m creative, but not crafty.

Luckily, I love researching and found this simple way to connect with your grandchild.

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

You can use this with ANY aged grandchild. Actually, I can’t think of one person I know who wouldn’t love to be on the receiving end of this idea!

Send your grandchild Hearts Full of Grand Love. Buy heart shaped sticky notes or doilies, or just cut out some hearts from your printer paper. Fill each heart with something you love about your grandchild. Just short little statements. I wrote out a quick list below to get you started.

Mail the hearts!

Then ask Mum or Dad to stick these to your grandchild’s door on Valentine’s Day Eve so they wake up to an outpouring of love on their door from you.

If this is for an older grandchild who isn’t living with Mum or Dad, simply fill an envelope with these hearts and pop them in the post.

It doesn’t have to take you long and even if they arrive late, every morning is a great morning to be bombarded with a little extra love and encouragement from a grandparent.

If your grandchild is a baby, this will serve as a lovely keepsake and will put a smile on Mom and Dad’s face too (e.g., I love the way you babble, I love when you blow kisses through the phone).

Here are some examples of what you might write:

Your smile makes me smile.
You are a hard worker.
Your text messages make me smile.
You are really funny.
You are kind.
You work so hard for what you want to achieve.
I love what a great big brother/sister you are.
I love your jokes
I love your smile.
You are smart.
You are creative!
You run fast like Spiderman.
You are a great swimmer.
You are an excellent reader.
You always think about others.
You take time for others
You are a very good friend.
You take such great care of [insert pet name].
I love your dedication to [animals, environment, karate, university or college study, etc.].

And the list goes on….

If you have a lot of grandchildren this might be time consuming.  But I like to think of it as connection time spent ‘on them’, when you can’t be with them.

It’s the behind the scenes work of being a long distance grandparent, which many of you know all too well.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to get a little corny and make sure your grandchildren, young or old, know all the things you love about them.

Happy Connecting!