Happy Father’s Day to all the grandpas!

I love listening to my 5-year-old son talk about his Grandpa and his Gramps. He remembers the most miniscule details about their time together and brings them up randomly – which I love because it means they are top of mind for him.

As long distance grandparents, you don’t always get to be with your son or son-in-law to celebrate Father’s Day.

But you can make them feel special while simultaneously creating a meaningful connection with your grandchildren from a distance.

Here are a few ways to do this with both younger and older grandchildren:

Schedule a video date with your grandchildren without Dad around if possible. Ask them a few questions about their Dad. Record the answers and email or text to your son or son-in-law. This can be as simple as asking:

  • ‘What do you love most about Dad?’
  • What is your favourite thing to do with Dad?
  • What is your favourite memory?

It’s an especially wonderful way to bond with older grandchildren because you are letting them know you value their Dad, you want to make him feel special and you need their help to do it.

Schedule a video chat date with Dad there and try one of these Dad games:

Create a Daddy Quiz.

Ask questions that are all about the Dad’s (you can include the Grandpa’s in this too!). For example:

  • Name 3 of Dad’s favourite things
  • What is Dad’s favourite car?
  • Where was he born?
  • How did Dad meet Mum?
  • What colour are Dad’s eyes?

Try including a question or 2 they will not know the answer. This provides you with an opportunity to share a quick story about their Dad with them.

Play Dad Charades:

  • Create a list of Dad’s favourite things
  • The grandchildren and you take turns acting it out.
  • Dad has to guess.

Send them on a ‘Selfie with Dad’ Scavenger Hunt while on video chat.

  • Your grandchildren need a phone, or someone to help them take the selfie.
  • Ask them to take a selfie with Dad doing various things.
  • Each time they come back to you and show you the selfie on the video.
  • You could promise a prize for the kids as a way to make it more fun for them.

The Scavenger Hunt could include requests such as: take a selfie riding Dad like a horse, take a selfie giving Dad a fist pump, shaking hands, giving him a kiss on the top of his head, while covering Dad’s ears, hugging Daddy, in Dad’s car, lying on Daddy’s side of the bed, or wearing one of Dad’s hats, shirts or ties. The list is endless. As always keep it short and sweet.

The bonus of this one is that you can ask the parents to send you the selfies too.

For older grandchildren, send a gift card for a Date with Dad or a Grand Date with Grandpa. Or you could send an Amazon gift card for them to pick out something to do together.

The next idea is for any age of grandchild. If your grandbabies are too little to talk or have left for college, there isn’t a Dad around who could not use this gift:  Email, text or video your son/son-in-law and share your favourite moment(s) watching him as a Dad. Your son or son-in-law will be beyond touched if you take the time to sit down and share this with him.

And finally, for a bit of extra grandpa goodness, do check out this lovely article from GrandKidsMatter: Kids’ Tributes to Grandfathers.

Kids have the absolute best way with words.

Happy Connecting!




Photo credit: @kiraYan via Twenty20