Ever try and keep your grandchild’s attention on a video call?

Kids are funny.

Sometimes they will sit and engage with you.

But more often, they have ants in their pants. Sitting still for any length of time is a major ask for these tiny humans.

So how can you up your video call game? As promised, a few quick ideas you can try TODAY.

But first, remember quality over quantity. If you can have a fun minute of interaction with your grandchild on a video call, consider that a huge success, no matter the age.

The ideas below apply to younger grandchildren. If your grandchildren are older, please let me know so I can send you ideas that are more relevant for you.

Next time you video call your grandchild(ren):

Ask Active Questions.  

Ask your grandchild to ‘do’ something that requires an action. You can ask them to:

  • See up their nose (no kidding, this is a family favourite for us!)
  • Look inside their ear
  • Check inside their mouth to see if they brushed their teeth
  • Wriggle their nose or try and touch their nose with their tongue.
  •  Rub their belly and pat their head at the same time
  • Do a sequence of actions such as: can you do 3 jumping jacks, 2 twirls and hop on 1 foot?

The key here is to join in. Once they do it, ask them if they want YOU to do it. They might say no but if they say yes, get to it!

Asking ‘Active Questions’ takes advantage of the fact that kids love to move around while showing off their skills. Of course, they especially love being silly.

For those of you with very young grandchildren – even babies – you can try to be active on video calls. 

Twirl a sheer scarf around the screen or get a large sized puppet for video calls. Bonus points if the puppet sings a song or has a special whistle. With small children, having the puppet sing the same song each time is a great way to create an association TO you from a young age.

Creating associations TO you is so important to building a connection from afar.

I truly hope you have a fun and action-filled call with your grandchild TODAY!

Happy Connecting!



The Long Distance Grandparent