Do you have an upcoming birthday or graduation in the family?

The truth is, celebrating from a distance is never the same as being there in person. But there are definitely ways you can make the moment extra special for your grandchild.

Here are 8 ways to shower your grandchild with that extra bit of attention they love receiving from you:

  1. Send a countdown gift. Instead of sending one gift, gather a few small gifts to be opened up in the 3 to 5 days before their birthday or graduation. There is so much activity on the actual day.  Contributing to the anticipation is a great way to make your gift, and the moment, stand out a little more.
  2. Send money in a unique way. Put money inside clear balloons (to be blown up by the parents once they arrive). Or create a ‘Chocolate Box of Money’. Buy a box of chocolates and replace the chocolates with different denominations of money (pennies, nickels, bills, etc.). As an added bonus, you get to eat the chocolates to make room for the money!  This is thoughtful for older grandchildren and can be educational for the little ones.
  3. Purchase a gift to be the ‘start’ of a family heirloom. Send it to your grandchild with a special note declaring it a family heirloom for them to pass on to future family members. It could be a piece of jewelry with a family emblem or saying on it.
  4. Send a surprise group video montage of family and friends using VidHug ($15 USD). Family members and friends can record video messages for the person you are celebrating. VidHug is a company that edits them together for you to send to your grandchild. I’m not the savviest of tech users, but it was easy to use, well-priced and very well received by the person who received it as a gift from me.I especially like this idea for graduates. So much so, I am organising one for someone special in my life who is graduating from high school at the end of June. It is a lovely thing to do to make any age of grandchild feel special.
  5. Buy something you can ‘do together’ virtually such as a bracelet making kit or science kit. Buy one for you and one for them so you can do it together on a video chat. Click here for a blog I wrote with some ideas.
  6. If you plan to have a virtual video party, be sure to check out this post I wrote about The 4 P’s of Virtual Party Planning from a Distance.
  7. If you can get out, purchase a newspaper for the date you are commemorating and save it to give to them in years to come.
  8. And finally, to end on an extra fun note read about what another grandparent did to celebrate a birthday from a distance:

Yesterday we held a surprise Zoom birthday party for my grandson’s uncle. Thanks to home delivery services we sent matching table decor, candles and birthday bingo sets to participants homes and arranged for everyone to have their own cupcakes.

We “met” online at lunch time, so the kids were corralled. They loved the preparation ahead of time, the investment in making Uncle’s party fun, anticipation of their own candles to blow out. We ate together and chatted briefly, then several games of bingo with everyone getting a turn as the caller which was a HUGE hit, then cupcakes and candles.

A good time was had by all. Grandpa has a birthday next week. The kiddo want to do it again. There’s a furniture fort in the background of one home. Grandpa wants us to incorporate forts into his Zoom party. Just no candles in the fort, of course.

Long Distance Grandma and Grandpa to a 5 and 8-year old


You could do any ONE of the things above and it would make it extra special for your grand.


Happy Connecting!