These might not be as exciting as a big fat chocolate Easter Bunny, but they are gifts of connection – and your grandchildren need that now – more than ever.

  1. Treat them to a virtual pizza party. Order pizza for your grandchildren and then order one for YOU as well. Most delivery companies are offering contactless delivery. Eat pizza, play music and share a few Easter jokes.
  2. Send an ‘experience’ gift that you can do together next time you see each other. Tickets to a play area or arcade, museum, movie passes, restaurant or coffee shop. Make your own coupon, decorate it, take a picture and text or email it to them. We all need something to look forward to, kids included!
  3. Create homemade ‘Time for Us’ Coupons. These don’t have to be fancy. Draw a rectangle and write it in it: Next time we see each other, this entitles you to: 1 trip to ice-cream, coffee shop or restaurant, a trip to the park without your little brother or a Lego building session (Lego included).
  4. Send a sentimental email to an older grandchild with words of encouragement and a detailed description of your favourite memory together.
  5. A magazine subscription to Chirp (3-6 ), Chickadee (6-9), Owl Magazine (9-13). This gives you a reason to connect every month when it is delivered. For older grandchildren, you could pay for a couple of months of a kindle or music subscription.
  6. Make a donation to a charity of their choice. Is your grandchild passionate about animals, the environment, child poverty or social isolation? This gives you the chance to discuss the charity and the cause with your grandchild.
  7. Send a delivery of sweets to your grandchildren from a local bakery – many local shops are adapting to the current situation and offering contactless delivery or pick-up. Be sure to ask them to video call you so you can see the sticky hands and faces!
  8. Create a virtual egg hunt at YOUR house for your grandchildren to do on a video chat. Promise to mail ‘what they find’ as soon as you can get out again. If you don’t have any chocolate or eggs to hide, draw or print out pictures of treats or small toys for them to find. Remember to keep it extra short for the little ones. Think quality not quantity. Don’t be afraid to use your lipstick to draw a bunny nose and whiskers on your face!