Many grandparents are being called into action to help out with their grandchildren’s learning. Also, many of you are in self-isolation or social distancing mode. It might sound strange to say, but this is a bit of a perfect ‘Connection Storm’.

Your own children need you to help them out as they try and home school your grandchildren and work at the same time. You are craving connection with your grandchildren.

Almost anything can be done virtually. Except hugs, but once this is over, you can rest assured you will get A LOT of them.

The good news is that we live in a world where technology can facilitate connection

There are so many ways you can help out and build bonds at the same time.

Here is a list of 30 ways to connect with your grandchildren!

Happy Connecting!

  1. Check out this FREE Family History Activities Guide (this is an extra awesome resource from The Kindred Press and Treasured Families)
  2. Teach them about your country (or theirs). Check out Kids World Travel Guide or Science Kids about Countries
  3. Email a fun or silly kids’ poem and take turns reading verses. For ideas check out Poetry4Kids.
  4. Encourage them to ask questions about you. This grandfather asked his 7-year old granddaughter these 20 Questions.
  5. Try out Caribu App and read, colour and play games together through video -all within the app. Hundreds of books and games. They are offering FREE subscriptions during the pandemic. How amazing is that?
  6. Discuss age appropriate news articles. Check out Time for Kids (international) KidNuz (American focused).
  7. Ask Active Questions (can you jump 3 times on one foot?). Check out this blog post for more ideas.
  8. Go to Big Life Journal for free printables. The paid downloadable ones are 50% off with code: STUCKHOME. They are amazing (I bought 3 to get us through this!).
    (Note: I may receive a commission if you purchase something for your grandchild through this link)
  9. Share a kids podcast. Listen to it too so you can chat about it. What if World: Stories for Kids, But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids, The Big Life Kids Podcast
  10. Share historical things that happened on the day they were born. This article by Next Avenue has lots of great apps.
  11. Share musical history about the day they were born and the day you were born. This Day in Music.
  12. Go to Learn in Color for super fun ideas about teaching history, language arts, math and science
  13. Invite them to make a virtual comedy show together. You tell jokes and then they tell jokes. Red Tricycle has lots of jokes for kids such as ‘Clean UnderWear Jokes for Kids.
  14. Send encouraging text messages to teens every morning. (I’m so proud of how you…., I love how you…).
  15. Plan a virtual meal together. Send e-invites
  16. Use TouchNote to create custom made postcards without going to the post office (free card with code: kindness20). Check out my TouchNote blog post for fun ways to use it.
  17. Sign them up for a free mail subscription. Lots of ideas here.
  18. Play Would You Rather. Here is a great list of Would you Rather Questions for Kids.
  19. Use the Marco Polo App : A video walkie-talkie but you don’t need to be ‘live’ with the other person. So you video chat back and forth, whenever you have time to respond. For ways to use it for best results check my blog here.
  20. Make photo books online to send them of time you’ve spent together. Discuss on video chats once they get them. Shutterfly has lots of deals on.
  21. Share ideas they can do indoors from Kids Activities Blog
  22. Tell jokes back and forth through video messages or use Marco Polo. Find age appropriate jokes at The Joke Factory
  23. Ask them to practice tongue twisters together. Send them this list of tongue twisters in advance.
  24. Put on a puppet show with old socks and oven mitts
  25. Lead them on an Outdoor scavenger hunt or Indoor scavenger hunt from FaceTime/Skype
  26. Build sofa forts together online. Check out DadLabs for a fun tutorial.
  27. Take each other on house tours and find your favourite things.
  28. Share stories about their parents when they were younger. Read this to find out how family stories are a grandparent super power.
  29. Check out Conversation Starters World for question ideas for all ages.
  30. Play I Spy/Freeze Tag/Rock Paper Scissors/Charades/Pictionary
  31. Send this to the parents if they need a break from story reading and you aren’t available: StoryLine Online