Virtual quiz sessions with family are becoming more popular. There are now hundreds of articles with links to example questions such as  85 Fun Quiz Questions for Kids

But I wanted to make sure you have a way to make the quiz time you spend together even more meaningful. You can do this by:

  • Making the actual topic of the quiz about different family members or family history


  • Add in a few ‘surprise’ questions about family members to any quiz session.

To go the extra mile, try turning these questions into True/False or multiple-choice questions.

25 Questions for Family Quiz Night All about YOUR Family

  1. How many pets do we have all together as a family?
  2. How many grandchildren/ cousins/aunts/uncles do we have in the family?
  3. Who is the longest living family member still alive today? Who is the youngest?
  4. Who recently retired/ graduated/won an award/earned how to tie their shoes?
  5. What did Grandpa/Grandma do before he/she retired?
  6. What does [child’s name] want to be when he grows up?
  7. What is [family member name]’s favourite food/sport/animal/hobby/movie?
  8. What is [family member name]’s favourite subject in school?
  9. Who in our family has met someone famous?
  10. How many adults in our family are born in December?
  11. Who in our family hates chocolate (trick question, no one?!)
  12. Who has the longest hair/shortest hair/no hair?
  13. Where was [insert family member name] born?
  14. How many brothers and sisters does [family member name] have?
  15. What year was [insert family name] born?
  16. What is [insert family name]’s middle name?
  17. Who was [family member name] named after?
  18. Has [family member] ever lived overseas?
  19. Has anyone in our family ever broken any bones?
  20. How old was [family member name] when he/she first went on a plane?
  21. What was Grandpa’s first part time job?
  22. If Grandma could only eat one thing for the rest of her life would it be pizza or chocolate?
  23. What is [family member name]’s biggest pet peeve?
  24. Who in our family has a tattoo?
  25. Who in our family has blue eyes? Brown eyes?

Happy Connecting!


Kerry Byrne, PhD


The Long Distance Grandparent

[email protected]